Notification enhancements

Following the addition of acceptance criteria to Codebase recently, we reviewed our current notifications for email, Slack and Hipchat. We've now deployed some enhancements to each »

Watched Tickets

We're pleased to announce the addition of a watched tickets page in Codebase, which gives you a dedicated page where you can view all tickets that »

Acceptance Criteria

We've just released a new feature today that a number of our users have shown interest in - the ability to add acceptance criteria to a »

Automate Bug Reporting With Codebase & TestLodge

Testing software and logging bugs takes time. Integrating Codebase with TestLodge can save your team time by making this process more efficient. At it’s core, »

Codebase Mobile - Tickets

Following our Beta release of the responsive Codebase interface, we're going to be taking a further look at some of the main features in Codebase you »